Optional Services

Our Services

Elite VIS provides unparalleled services that complement our superior hardware. The result is outstanding performance in helping you understand real-time status about your mobile assets (and you customers' cargo). We provide a range of online, consulting, and installation services that are affordable and provide you with the competitive edge you need to win jobs and grow profits. Our service staff includes engineers, operators, logistics support, software, sensor systems, and vehicle systems (sea, air, land). And of course, we provide you with our Award-Winning Elite VIS subscription services.

Professional Business Services

Elite VIS provides professional business services to help you grow!
You have a job to do. You have other jobs you want to win but may not be properly equipped to submit a competitive bid. We want to help your business grow. We have assembled a team of people with extensive experience in transportation, logistic supportability, asset management, electronic and electrical engineering, computers, software, and communications. Our people have been involved in designing, building and operating transportation and logistics supportability systems that move cargo across sea, air, land, and even space. We work with you and get to know what assets you have available, the markets you move in, and understand where you want to be in the future. Our experts can develop system solutions that help your business grow in existing markets and enter new markets. Elite VIS solutions allow you to improve customer loyalty, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, and streamline your business operations.

BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER:  Simply put, Elite VIS helps you do your job better, faster, and cheaper than the competition. Contact us today!

Live Operator Emergency Services

Elite VIS provides professional business services to help you grow!
Losing your equipment to theft, accidents, or disaster can be devastating to your business. Losing your customer’s cargo or assets can kill your business. Elite VIS provides sensors that can minimize the risk of loss of assets and cargo. Our sensors can help identify pending problems and provide you with recommendations before something bad happens. However, in the event that you do experience a loss, we have a 24/7 call center with SORA-certified operators that are there to help you recover. Our operators have passed the rigorous requirements for the Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) and can work with law enforcement and insurance claim specialists to help track missing assets and to provide a scenario of what was going on before the loss. Chances are, if you have the Elite VIS anti-theft systems, you won’t need to call us. But if you do, we’ll be there ready and waiting to help. Some insurance companies will even provide premium discounts if you install Elite VIS.

Customized Solutions

Elite VIS engineers and designers customize solutions to meet your requirements!
We understand that your business is unique: your people, philosophy, and commitment. However, your customers can also be unique and serving them requires unique solutions. Elite VIS represents the latest developments in hardware and software modular construction. This means that we can quickly and affordably provide your business with unique solutions for the most demanding requirements. We start off by working with you (and your customer if necessary) to determine requirements. We then conduct a preliminary design study to determine if any of our existing solutions will meet the requirements for cost, operational effectiveness, and schedule. Our philosophy is to utilize as much “Non-Developmental Items” (NDI) as possible. This minimizes price, accelerates speed-to-market, and reduces risk by using proven components. In the even that we need to hit the drawing board for you, we offer a rapid prototyping development process that produces your desired results quickly and affordably. This way you can see near-term progress and make “go / no-go” decisions to continue as is or modified as necessary.

BOTTOM LINE:  reduced risk, minimal cost, speed to market, and market advantage!Contact us today!