Your Subscription Keeps You Plugged-In & Protected™

With the purchase of any Elite VIS global GPS product, your first year of unlimited access to our cloud-based, vehicle theft and maintenance protection, emergency alert and management systems is fully paid. This access connects you to the global GPS satellite and cellular communications networks, enabling Elite VIS to monitor and protect your vehicle, passengers, young drivers and cargo 24/7. Using any internet accessible device, you personally have unlimited access to Elite VIS-ability™, our on-line vehicle management system. This allows you to control virtually all aspects of the monitoring, alerting, and reporting process, including your data.

Stay Plugged-In & Protected™

The annual Elite VIS™ subscription plan allows you to stay Plugged in and Protected™, receiving all the vital vehicle theft, emergency alert and vehicle management protection necessary to keep you, your passengers and your vehicle safe. In the event you require assistance with your Elite VIS systems, your continuously paid subscription entitles you to full product support services and warranty protection by simply contacting our support Center.

Elite Express is a nationwide carrier using Elite VIS