Sensors: Track, Monitor, Report

Sensors Improve Your Business

It’s a competitive world and you want to grow your business. But you want to do this without significant capital expenses and you want to do it right now. Aging and inefficient equipment make it even harder for you to stay competitive and provide greater services to meet the increasing demands of your customers. Customer retention is just as difficult as customer growth. Opportunities in your market reach are drying out. New requirements evolve, but you are too slow to respond because of lack of equipment or cash flow.

Your company works hard. But that isn’t good enough. You have to work smart. That is why Elite VIS has developed solutions that enable you to quickly and affordably deploy intelligent sensors that give you a force multiplier in a competitive environment.

Over 4,000 Sensor Types

Elite VIS Sensors fit any requirement

All Elite VIS sensors can be applied to powered vehicle, unpowered vehicle, cargo, and handlers. There are over 4,000 individual sensors to meet any of your transport requirements. In addition, mostly all sensors that can be applied to vehicles can be used for auxiliary systems such as refrigeration (reefer) systems, auxiliary generators, chemical/water pumps, etc.

 Typical Elite VIS Sensors
  • GPS: geospatial location, speed, altitude, heading
  • Automated Crash Detection and Response
  • Door lock / unlock
  • Refrigeration / auxiliary equipment status
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Trailer door / hatch position
  • Ignition lock-out: anti-theft
  • Alternator status
  • Battery voltage: vehicle, reefer, aux power
  • ABS on / off
  • Fuel shut-off
  • Weight on wheels; distributed weight load, changes
  • Load level
  • Tanker / container volume (fill/drain)
  • Cargo shift
  • Cargo load / unload
  • Vibration levels
  • Vehicle / trailer lights on / off
  • Liquid spillage / leak detection
  • Fire detection
  • Connection status between powered and unpowered vehicles (e.g., tracker – trailer)
  • Motion detection
  • Counters (e.g., pallets in / out)
  • Weather conditions (rain, ice)

How our Sensors Work

Each sensor is strategically attached to your asset in a position that will yield the best measurement. For example, environmentally controlled containers or trailers may have temperature and humidity sensors located at the bulkhead and aft door positions. This installation measures absolute values and also provides the differential, which can introduce problems for some cargo. Regardless of the sensor type and location, it provides real-time data reporting through the Elite VIS controller. This information is sent to the Elite VIS software portal for analysis, reporting, and if necessary, corrective action. Managers using Elite VIS can set trigger points and follow-up action such as if the temperature reaches a low threshold, then shut off the reefer unit and notify the driver or other individuals. Alternatively, if a sensor threshold is reached, a message can be sent first to an authorized individual who can then invoke an action. In this example, a message can be sent to a dispatcher that the temperature is too low. The dispatcher can then issue a command to shut off the reefer unit.

With Elite VIS sensors you are in control of what is monitored, what events need to happen, who needs to be notified, and how, when and where corrective action will be implemented. All of this can be accomplished by any person having internet or telephone access without interrupting drivers, operators, or other cargo handlers.

Optional Wireless Solutions

Sensors are just one part of what Elite VIS offers your business. We also provide an extensive range of optional wireless communication solutions that offer flexibility in any operating environment. Our modular design incorporates a variety of voice and data communication types and protocols such as satellite, GPS, cellular (CDMA, GSM/GPRS), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID (HF & UHF), Ethernet, RS-232, MODBUS, USB, zWave, iDen, Mobitex, DataTac, ReFLEX, Aries, 802.11, zWave, Edge, and more. We operate in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands to provide the best remote sensing and communications solutions available today. Our communications hardware is designed for simultaneous radio operation with automatic fail-over, least-cost transmission, or pre-defined transmission. Our solutions can be used in any combination. This results in over 3,000,000 different solution sets! However, in the event that your requirement is unique, our engineers are ready to build the solution that is right for you!