Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager Improves Profits

Fleet Manager works from 2 to any number of vehicles and mobile assets.

Whether you are a single Owner-Operator or have responsibility for a fleet of vehicles and mobile assets, Elite VIS offers affordable, easy solutions for fleet management. You already have enough to do, let alone be concerned about the location and status of your mobile assets and any cargo they be transporting. Elite VIS provides role management security which means you can have multiple Fleet Managers, each responsible for their assigned assets. Elite VIS provides each Fleet Manager with visibility regarding location, operations, and status of tractor, trailer, and cargo. The Fleet Manager feature is provided at no additional charge to your basic service. Simply designate an individual as Fleet Manager and then assign as many mobile assets to them as you want. Fleet Managers have 360° visibility to operators, vehicle performance, tracking, reporting, alerts, driving habits, and much more.

Fleet Managers can use the Elite VIS Schedule feature to ensure that you don't miss critical milestones such as maintenance, repairs, inspections, insurance and registration renewals, deliveries, customer appointments, and other actionable events on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. By using the Elite VIS Alerts feature, Fleet Managers receive early notification of pending events as well as alarms when schedules are missed.

Fleet Manager is quick and easy to use and enables any number of management levels such as Local, County, Multi-County, State, Regional, National and Global roles.

Anything that Moves!

It’s a dynamic, competitive world out there. Mobility has invaded our business and personal lives. This mobility has resulted in a new definition and role for Fleet Managers. To Elite VIS, fleet means anything that moves and our Fleet Manager lets you seamlessly manage all your assets. Our solar power option combined with our Advanced Power Management System enables Elite VIS to operate in the most austere environment such as construction and logging. If you drive it, pull it, push it, or drop it off, Elite VIS Fleet Manager will keep you informed!

Elite VIS Fleet Manager Delivers

Fleet Manager puts you in control of any number of vehicle and mobile assets, from 2 to unlimited!

Elite VIS is affordable, effective, scalable, and easy-to-install. You can start with a single system and outfit your mobile fleet as budget and needs arise. Fleet Manager delivers outstanding visibility and management over your entire fleet of mobile assets. You will benefit by increasing operational efficiency, automating compliance requirements, eliminating out-of-route miles, ensuring on-time / on-target deliveries, reducing operating costs, improving customer loyalty, and increasing profits.You can chose to let your customers view their assets’ locations or simply provide an event-based email.

You have real-time status, knowing when, where and how your mobile assets are being used. Elite VIS Fleet Manager: Affordable. Effective. Scalable. In just one day you can be up and running; saving money and making money.

Dealers / Outsourcing

Fleet Managers for every car, every where.Elite VIS Fleet Manager makes it easy for dealers and third-party installers and maintenance crews to configure, manage, and service Elite VIS. If you use an outsource vendor for fleet maintenance, you can provide them with maintenance activity reports without disclosing yours or your customers’ privacy data. Elite VIS enables third-parties to install and then configure the system to your exact specifications. Once Elite VIS Fleet Manager is properly configured, the vendor “turns over” account control to you. However, if you wish, vehicle maintenance information can still be made available to vendors to keep your assets rolling.

Any Mobile Asset

Your fleet is unique, because you are unique. You may operate traditional equipment and rigs, but Elite VIS Fleet Manager lets you maximize productivity and tailor your operations to fit your unique style of of business.


Elite VIS Fleet Manager can be used for anything that moves or gets moved!