Elite VIS helps you meet Safety and Compliance Requirements

You are inundated with requirements; governmental regulatory agencies, customers, and your own management. This can mean different reports and different data collection. You also have to provide better service, faster and at lower pricing to beat your competition. With Elite VIS, more requirements and more demands on your operations doesn’t mean an increase in operating costs. Elite VIS lets you meet multi-role requirements without increasing your pricing or requiring additional human resources through advanced automation and sensor systems.

Elite VIS provides tabular, chart, and descriptive reports for meeting safety and compliance requirements. Below is a typical trailer temperature monitoring report depicting time history chart and an excerpt of actual data. Notice that the table is reporting every 5 minutes as per the customer's requirement. Any time interval, frequency and duration can be selected on any Elite VIS parameter you have deployed on your mobile asset.

Example Temperature Monitoring Report

Elite VIS helps you meet Safety & Compliance Requirements

Automate Compliance

Elite VIS helps you meet Safety & Compliance requirements 

Simply put, sensors help you affordably and effectively meet compliance requirements. Elite VIS is compatible with just about any third-party digital or analog sensor on the market today. We offer a range of the most frequently requested sensors that meets our demanding requirements for quality and performance. Any sensor connected to Elite VIS can immediately be used to generate reports either by event-based or standard schedule that you choose. Whatever your challenges, Elite VIS is ready for the job!

Automate Safety

Just as sensors help you meet compliance requirements, they also increase driver, asset, and cargo safety. Elite VIS provides real-time monitoring and reporting for Automated Crash Detection, weight-on-wheels, cargo securement, door breach, temperature rise/fall, electrical failures and other parameter than can affect safety. Anti-theft features include ignition lock-out, fuel cut-off, alarm triggering, and other features such as preventing trailer lights from turning on. Whatever your challenges, Elite VIS is ready for the job!

Affordable Safety & Compliance

Regardless of how your commercial business transports and stores cargo, it is imperative that you not only meet the safety and compliance requirements of government regulators, but also of your customers who can be even more demanding. Elite VIS is the ultimate Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) as it can provide real-time usage and status data for trailers, tractors, and cargo. Elite VIS offers a sophisticated Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) that provides automated event-based and scheduled reporting on routine and critical Safety and Compliance issues such as Hours of Service (HOS), travel routes, trailer temperature/humidity, weight management, liquid and gas leaks, mechanical and electrical failures, cargo securement, door and cabin breach, automated crash reporting, vibration monitoring, theft, and much more.