What Makes Us Better

We did our homework and listened to you and hundreds of individuals involved in all aspects of the transportation business. We then combined these inputs with our 35 years in multi-modal transportation businesses. The result is the Elite Vehicle Intelligence System (Elite VIS™) which provides unprecedented capabilities in monitoring, reporting, and responding to both routine and emergency situations affecting tractors, trailers, cargo, load handlers, drivers, and owner/operators. Elite VIS is designed from the “ground up” using the latest advancements in electronics, sensors, communications, and software. We understand that business managers are just as mobile as the equipment and cargo they are responsible for hauling. Elite VIS provides remote command and control that gives all stakeholders insight to what is going on, where is it, and how can I immediately respond.

We didn’t just build Elite VIS based on everyone’s inputs; we built, tested, re-engineered, re-tested, and then put it in the field. We then repeated this process until we got right. After three million hard-traveled miles throughout North America and over 100,000 hours of operations without a flaw, we accomplished our goals.

Every customer can individually customize Elte VIS to respond in way that meets their unique requirements. Intelligent and adaptable, Elite VIS is a single solution for all your transportation needs.

Any Mobile Asset

Yours and your Customers! Any where around the world!

  • Compatible with all powered or unpowered assets such as tractor-trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy equipment, power generators, off-shore vessels, and other assets
  • Use with all on and off-road vehicles and off-shore boats
  • Operates throughout North America and internationally (optional)
  • Portability (move between assets without tools) or fixed-installation options

Peace of Mind Features

 Features Reports
  • Individual security rights for drivers, cargo handlers, operators, fleet managers, owners
  • Automatic Crash Detection & Emergency Plan Response
  • Extended-life battery with solar recharge
  • Ruggedized, HAZMAT operable on tractor-trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy equipment, power generators, off-shore vessels, other
  • Google Maps route planning, location identification, trip reports
  • Monitor vehicle and reefer charging system, trailer lights, ABS
  • Anti-theft, anti-start (remote ignition lock)
  • Remote door unlock
  • Fuel shut-off for engine and reefer/auxiliary units
  • Refrigeration (reefer) system monitoring
  • Airbag deployment detection
  • Locate nearby food, fuel, repair centers, lodging, and other places
  • Trailer theft detection coupled/uncoupled to tractor
  • Roadside assistance and stolen vehicle assistance for police and insurance companies
  • Sensor options for monitoring door position, distributed weight (e.g., steers, drives, trailer), temperature, humidity,  vibration, cargo shift and load/unload
  • You select who can see, manage and report on your asset data
  • 24/7 system management via web or cell phone
  • Vehicle diagnosis (specific information dependent upon vehicle model/type)
  • Trip reports showing GPS routes traveled, stops, load/unload
  • Automated reports via online, email, and text message
  • Manage contacts and vehicle information
  • Unlimited travel log history
  • Trip and maintenance reminders
  • Restricted area operations identification and reporting (geofencing)
  • Personal messaging
  • Event / trip planner
  • Custom alerts (text msg, email, phone call) based on speed, location, altitude, system failure, etc.
  • Identifies when your vehicle main battery is low or not charging

Our Goal

We take pride in providing our customers with a mobile tracking and information management solution that exceeds their expectations. That’s why we have the best and most creative people in the industry on hand that designs, develops, builds, tests, and proudly sells the Elite Vehicle Intelligence System. Information is power - and it gives you and your customers competitive advantage by knowing the health and movement of assets at all times. Knowledge is power. Time is money. You get both at a price you can afford. That’s Elite VIS!

Elite VIS works for any thing that moves or stays put - any where in the world!